Shirata for Jewish Prayer & Song
Sha'alu sh'lom Yerushalayim - Pray for the peace of Jerusaelm.
Number 7 - 1 First Adar 5765 - Feburary 2, 2005
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Thoughts about Anger

Lately, I have been occupied with anger within myself and much around me. Anger, it seems to me, is a matter of faith, as it is based on a fundamental lack of acceptance of reality, through the ongoing attempt to change or control it to suit one's perception of what needs to be.

Consider thinking about types of anger as relating to the four basic elements of physical existence: fire, water, earth and air, in their different manifestations.

Violent anger is evident anger. It works by dramatically changing or removing its objects of scorn: Fire turns stuff into smoke; floods wash away; earthquakes swallow into the ground; tornados dislocate and diffuse.

Avoidance anger is not as evident. It works by dramatically changing or removing the basis of its object: causing a lack of heat freezes and kills; causing a lack of water dries up; causing a lack of ground or place disorients the target; causing a lack of air manifests in ignoring someone and causes suffocation.

Sublimated forms of anger are even less evident. They work by subtly trying to control their targets, without acknowledging so. Low heat and pressure causes irritation and fatigue; flattery "soothes" like waters; muddy maneuvers can cause a person to stumble; a slight breeze might cause false expectations.

The essence of anger, as we have discussed many times in the past, is the giving power and authority to something/someone you have created.

Our sages say: an angry person resembles an idolater, as you create and control something which in turn you assign as your controller.

There are three ways to deal with anger. The most basic and dangerous way is to act up upon it. Note both the violent and subtle ways of acting up. The next method of action is to stop and repress it. This method is not as dangerous as acting up, but holds the future danger of the future manifestations. The ideal way, according to my understanding of the Baal Shem Tov cycle teachings is to redirect its energy into holiness and oneness. This last method is the most difficult and requires self control. The war against the evil of anger involves a shift of effort, from trying to change and control others to trying to change and control yourself, especially your inclination for evil.

Oh, Master of All, please bless us with the ability to use all the gifts we were given in all aspects of our life only for the goodness of celebrating Your Oneness.

The B'nei Issasschar on the Month of Adar

"It says in Sefer Yetzirah (Chapter 5) that the letter Kof is crowned with laughter upon the month of Adar. In the material world, this month is connected to fish; in the body of both male and female, this month is connected with the spleen.

The letter Heh is the letter of creation of the month of Nissan. All the letters in the Hebrew alphabet are one glyph, except for Heh and Kof, which represent the months of Adar and Nissan. These are the months of the revealed and concealed miracles... " (Article A, Section B).

Refu'ah Shelima Prayers for Pirkko

Fortunately, Pirkko's cancer has been diagnosed early. Her surgery is scheduled for Feb 15 at Daniel Freeman Memorial Hospital. She should be home the next day. May we able to assist her throughout her treatment period. We pray for her full and fast recovery.

The 40-Day Song of Song Segulah Practice

We are planning to start our 40 Day Song of Songs Segulah Practice to start on March 15 and end on the day of the first Passover Seder, Saturday, April 23. Click this link or a translation of the Song of Songs.

The purpose of our Segulah practice is the fulfillment of all good wishes and desires. We hope to enabling the transition of goodness from potentiality to actuality through the gradual opening of the heart.

An idea: Let us meet on Sunday, April 5, for a Song of Songs Segulah Practice preparation seminar. Diana Afari has offered to host the event. The idea is to be together for a longer stretch of time. Perhaps we could dedicate several hours of study to the question of prayer: "What do we really want? What are we praying for?" All our class participants are welcome.

Another idea: Let us meet for either the First or Second Seder night to celebrate the end of the practice. We could possibly find a hotel with Kosher Pesach food to accommodate us. Some of us have family to celebrate with either of the nights, so another option is Friday night, April 29. Song of Songs is traditionally recited in synagogues on Shabbos Pesach, which this year is the Seventh day of Pesach, April 30.

Let me know if you are interested.

Tikkun Haklali Preparation Practice

The following file contains a first draft of the Hebrew, transliteration and translation of the first seven Psalms of the Tikkun Haklali.

Song of Song Class

Our next meeting is Wednesday, 1 of First Adar, 5765, February 9, 2005. It's been so long. We'll study Malbim's commentary to Song of Songs 2:13, and Psalm 105.

The following file contains our translation, Malbim commentary and creative verse commentary on Song of Songs 1:1-2:9. The file size is about 450Kb.


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